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  • Me, you and your party.

    Q:What do you sound like?

    It depends on where you catch me. At a dance club, I tend toward nu disco, electro and fun dance-y stuff with vocals. At private events and weddings, I work with clients beforehand to talk with them about their musical tastes and how to achieve the right vibe for their event.

    Personally, I love some classic jazz, trip hop and indie rock for mellower moments and a mix of soulful Motown oldies, new wave 80s hits and more modern songs that'll make people dance, shout and shake their bodies down to the ground. I suggest checking out my song list or podcast to get a sense of some of my tastes.

    Q:Do you travel?

    I love to travel! I've DJed in London, Stockholm, San Francisco and Seattle among other places and when I'm not DJing, I'm busy discovering music on my expeditions to India, Lebanon, South Africa and the Philippines. Whether it's a hip club or a holiday party at the Four Seasons, I'm always up for creating the right mood with the right soundtrack.

    Q:How much do you cost?

    I calculate my prices based upon the duration and location of the event and whether or not the venue has a DJ setup and/or a sound system already in place. If need be, I'm more than happy to bring my own DJ equipment with me.

    Q:What's the best way to get a hold of you?

    I respond to email the quickest at or you can call me at 917.575.5484. I do my best to return calls within 24 hours.

  • My history as a DJ.

    Q:How'd you get started as a DJ?

    I've played piano, guitar and saxophone my entire life so I always had an interest in music. When I began working as a magazine editor in New York City in 2002, I bought myself two Technics 1200 turntables and practiced mixing records in the evening until I could match beats, make mixtapes, pass them around and get myself a few downtown Manhattan residencies.

    Q:But how did you end up DJing parties for Mayor Bloomberg and Anne Hathaway?

    Friends and strangers who heard me at nightclubs began to ask if I could DJ their events and weddings and fashion shows. The next thing I knew, I was being flown to Croatia or the Bahamas to entertain at spectacular private events where they needed well-mixed downtempo and upbeat party music.

    Q:Do you prefer nightlife gigs to corporate events and weddings?

    I never set out to become a tuxedoed DJ rounding everyone up for a conga line or the electric slide. My job has always been to make sure that everyone is having a good time, young and old, while playing tasteful music. This holds true for nightlife, weddings and corporate events.